Why Isn’t the Failure of Business Business’s Fault?

They need the damn politicians to stay out of business’s way – George W. Bush did just that – so why didn’t business take care of business? How did business, in all its wisdom, pull America into the ditch of the Great Recession? And, why exactly, ain’t business expected to do more to pull America out of it? I mean damn, hasn’t it crossed anyone’s mind that American business should have to reinvest all of its profits into the U.S. labor force until it kick-starts the economy.  After all, business did collapse the economy. I say they did it and they should undo it. Explain why it’s okay for them to just pick up where they left off and make and show profits for Wall Street Week only.
Why isn’t it okay to demand more? Shit, we should insist that they put up or shut up. Who gives a damn if they call you a socialist; they took that bail out money from your socialist ass, didn’t they? We bailed them out and now it’s time for them to bail us out. Hell, they were too big to fail and we were given no choice. Well, we’re too many to stay broke and we don’t need to give them a choice either.
Especially when they so cocky that they go around adding insult to injury; how does it make any sense for business to have so much to say about the future of the U.S. agenda. Hell, following their last agenda, their ally George W. Bush and his party, made the U.S. plummet into the black hole where we now find ourselves. Are we really going to listen to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the current crop of businessmen/women wannabe politicians as they claim that they have the solution to our problems that the ‘professional politicians’ don’t have. If they have these solutions; then why the hell they hoarding them in their back pockets only to whip out upon us crowning them Kings and Queens? Where is the evidence that we should trust these ‘profit prophets’ to lead our nation to the promise land of prosperity?
Remember, “Where’s the beef?” Shouldn’t we be asking these ‘profit prophets’ where’s the jobs. If they weren’t able to lead the business community to job creation and to fuel economic growth; then what makes you believe they’ll be able to lead the political community to do it. Do you believe it because they told you so or, is this like that song, “you’ve got to believe in something - why not believe in me?” I mean, really, where the hell you think they’re going to lead us other than to developing nation status? Where will you be when they finish deregulating every industry, polluting every stream, foraging every forest and outsourcing every job? Hell, I thought businessmen (& women) were supposed to know how to create jobs and innovate in a so-called business friendly environment. How could George W. Bush and his boys have been any friendlier?
American big business has already breached the capitalist exchange contract and I’m not making any new contracts with them until they pay off the debt from the original agreement. You know in the original capitalist exchange agreement they got to make huge profits and control vast amounts of the nation’s wealth and resources. The rest of us were to get to have jobs for two income families, homes with 2 car garages, 4 by 4 trucks, big screen televisions and enough food to guarantee obesity. This was the American way. This was capitalism at work. Too bad that big business, and its aspiring businessmen and women politician wannabes, didn’t live up to the other end of the bargain. They created no jobs and made no innovations. Rather, they showed they could get blood from a turnip because they were too big to fail. If you haven’t figured it out; America is the turnip. Oh, wait a minute; they also showed that they knew how to buy, shake down and blame it all on the ‘professional politicians; especially any daring or dumb enough, to out them.
Never thought I’d long for something from the good old days. Then I found these articles about business people who valued separation of business and state like some people value the separation of church and state – none of whom are in the Tea Party.
 The Times Articles from 1956 and 1962: Businessmen & Politics

Sdanielle Out

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