Suppressing the Vote – One Good Turn Deserves Another

I’m looking for some poll watchers - the bigger, the blacker, the better; but everybody’s welcome. If you’re a warrior; then sign on. It’s time to fight the good fight down to the last man standing.  It’s time to stop throwing up your hands and waiting to overcome.  Infantries of Birthers and Tea Partiers have dispatched to the blackest and brownest precincts in America to suppress the Democratic vote and ain’t anybody from the other side doing a damn thing about it. So, I’m asking you to do something. I’m asking you to go to your poll, cast your vote, pick up some folk and take them ALL to your nearest working-class white & tea partying town to watch their polls too. I feel one good turn deserves another.  Don’t you?
I’m tired of folks bemoaning how the Republicans are up to their old tricks - suppressing the vote and misleading the voters. The Republicans know the measure of the American Electorate and the electorate lives down to their expectations most of the time. Republicans never give the voters the respect they don’t deserve or waste any time or money appealing to their non-appearing ‘better angels.’ No, they leave that shit to the Democrats. Republicans get right down to the business of making stuff up, stirring scared- angry-simple people up and running up their score. When are Democrats going to get wise and get with the program?
Who gives a damn that, consistent with their history and histrionics, the conservatives have made up a mythology that elections in the ‘hood are corrupt and fraudulent unlike the clean, god-fearing-ly fair elections in their own hard-working, real American towns. What matters is that they can and they do use this mythology to justify going into the ‘hood to cause havoc and interfere with the people’s vote under a cloud of ‘legitimacy.’ It’s time for us to do the same, but do it better and worse.
 Shit ya’ll, I ain’t mad at them; but I do want to get even.  Let’s take a page from their play book.  Let’s send some ‘watchers’ to their polls too - the bigger, the blacker, the better.  This way we could interfere with their voters too and, if all goes well, diminish that ‘enthusiastic voter’ gap with some well placed, effective discouragement. We can justify our ‘watchers’ by making up something like – Tea Partiers are standing outside with guns drawn scaring off anybody who looks like an ‘illegal’ or a ‘felon’ because they might vote the other way. Or we can say they going around telling Latinos to stay home and not to vote. Or we can say hey we here, we don’t care and we ain’t got to say nothing but you at my polls and now I’m at yours because One Good Turn Deserves Another.
S. Danielle Out

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