I’m Tired of the Tyranny of the Middle Class

I’m tired of all this pandering to the middle from Democrats and the Republicans. It’s sickening to watch how both parties fall all over themselves to please the narcissistic numbed skulls in the so-called middle. They tell them whatever they want to hear in exchange for their votes; which really wouldn’t piss me off so much, if they had the good sense never to fulfill the foolish promises they make every cycle. Like ‘read my lips, no new taxes.” But they don’t.
 No, instead, they feel compelled to fill the pandering promises they make to this thankless, carnivorous clan by actually adopting the stupid, promised policies; no matter how piss poor, hurtful or costly. Not a one of them has the cajones to adopt policies based on real, meaningful principals and/or what’s in the best interest of the country as a whole. Hell no, not if it means possibly pissing off this tyrannical voting bloc and, truth be told, President Obama has been no exception. Hell, even Bush asked them to get up and go shopping. What if Obama asked them to give up their great big empty houses or gas guzzling cars that they can’t afford anyway or one (1) year of their retirement or $1 a month, yeah, a whole $1, to pay for the wars? Why hasn’t he asked The Middle to stop wallowing in its own self pity and get up and DO SOMETHING?
It’s amazing how indignant everyone is about the overburdened middle; but no one gives a damn about overwhelmed poor. No, you can’t get them to utter a word of compassion or comfort for the American poor. Shit, even in the mega-churches they talk about the poor of the world…in those desperate, god-forsaken, other countries. You know how it is in America, if you poor that’s your fault.  If your poor ass was worth a damn you’d have the good manners to go get cop-shot or, at the very least, locked-up for life for selling 5 vials of crack so you can provide some nice middle-class prisoner guard a job in some deserving real rural American town in need of industry.     
Damn, it would be nice to see a leader stand up to these, your fellow Americans, on G.P. and say?
Look, shit cost money, if you don’t want to pay; then you can’t have shit. And by the way, shit includes a bunch of shit you want or need and not just welfare for those lazy MFrs. To list a few: cops, teachers, schools, highways, hospitals, disease control, soldiers, firemen, streets, highways, trains, buses, ports for air and sea, water and sewerage treatment, courts, jails, communications and electronic grids and a bunch of other shit that the profit motive just ain’t going to provide; at least not at a price your selfish-ass can afford to pay! Shit like domestic tranquility and peace.     
sdanielle Out

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