Why Wave the White Flag Jon Stewart?

I love Jon Stewart and I had great expectations for his Rally to Restore Sanity (see my post dated October 16, 2010). However, I was greatly disappointed once the Rally was over. Why, mostly because of Jon’s speech at the end. It was filled with all that nice ‘can’t we just all get along’ right things to say shit. And it all sounded so right. Too damn bad it was all so wrong. Jon, no, ‘we can’t just all get along.’ This isn’t a forum, this is a fight.
Listen, it’s nice to sit around the campfire and sing Kum-ba-ya; but if you think sitting around singing peace songs and sending smoke signals is the way to deal with bullies circling you singing; ‘we’re going to kick your ass,’ then you and President Obama should compare notes to see how very well that went for him with the Republicans in Congress. I say if you’re going to end up with knocks and bangs and blacks and blues, at the very least, you should've been trying to fight your way out of the circle.
Although, I can’t stand the Tea Partiers, the Birthers, or the Republican Party; I will say this, I give them credit for knowing the difference between a Declaration of War and an invitation to the signing of a Peace Treaty. What will it take for Democrats, their supporters and yes, even Jon Stewart, to learn that Peace Treaties need TWO signatories. When only one side wants peace and sticks a white flag up in the face of its self-declared enemy; then it’s called SURRENDER not peace.
And by the way, President Obama, you were finally right to identify the Republicans as the enemy and would have been wise to go on to decry how they have been an enemy to all Americans for the last two years. It’s too bad you once again let their false fury make you second-guess yourself. I see a pattern, do you?
Sdanielle Out

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