Can you imagine Americans surrounding the limos and helicopters of its CEOs like the English surrounded their Prince and his Camilla in protest of their excess or, at least, their disproportionate share of the pie? I really can’t imagine it. We never see the violence of the greed of the traditional American millionaire and billionaire like we see it when a cop beats in the head of a suspect and it’s caught on videotape. We don’t take notice of the violence done to a mother and her son or a man and his new wife or an enthusiastic graduate, young and optimistic, when the captains and barons of industry withhold labor and wages until they get the tax breaks they demand - because they can.
We’re all too sedated by our own greed, our dollars and our dreams. Our hallucinatory belief that we too will become one of the over indulged, excessively compensated 3% at the top so effectively deludes and sedates us that we’re blinded to our true place. We’ve been bought and sold with the dollar and the dream and now laws pass to forever bind the wealth to the few, a wealth bulging beyond the boundaries of even what the baron’s wealthy benefactor country can afford. But, the few know to count on us to disregard our permanent place amongst the other 97% of all the rest of us lost together in the mirage of opportunity and drowning in debt pools of over consumption.
And you, my fellow Americans, they can always count on to give your assent once they cite our new God – Capitalism, the panacea of all the ills of mankind. Do you disagree?
Well then, please tell me, who was that voting and NOT voting in the mid-term election? Better than that, tell me, will you be among hoards of New Americans protesting the severity of the austerity measures like the citizens of Europe and surrounding vehicles of American Royals or, more likely, among the typical American grasping onto whichever item they’ve sold you as your lottery ticket to the top when the slashing begins?

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Sdanielle Out

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