Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama and Affirmative Action:What If You Stood Them Side by Side

I wonder why Sarah Palin is so obsessed with Michelle Obama. Do you think it’s because Mrs. Obama is everything Sarah should’ve been before she was even considered for any of the political jobs she’s had handed to her starting with Mayor of Wasilla. Is it because she knows in her heart of hearts that, side by side, she can’t really stand up beside the First Lady? Is it because when she looks at Mrs. Obama she sees both style and SUBSTANCE?
I imagine when Sarah’s home dreaming of living in the White House she can’t help but compare herself to its current First Female occupant. Oh, how dim her light must appear. I figure it must really piss her off to know she can’t hold a candle to this Negress or why would she spend so much time fighting with herself trying to put Ms. Obama down. I mean, after all, I know that Sarah is small minded and beyond bigoted, but the First Lady ain’t running against Sarah for nothing. Surely, Sarah must see Mrs. Obama ain’t paying her any damn attention. She’s got to realize that the First Lady has faced plenty ‘Sarah Palins’ in her life time and ‘still she rise.’ White girls like Sarah who thought that the First Lady shouldn’t have some thing or some place or some one that they wanted and figured they had more of a, let’s say, right to have - these Sarahs - must’ve been a dime a dozen back when the First Lady was just Michelle, a little Black girl, matriculating at a Ivy League University. I remember all those reverse discrimination battles led by folks who never could recognize discrimination until it was ‘reversed.’ I have no doubt the Sarah’s in those crowds were mad at Michelle too figuring she was occupying some white boy’s rightful place and out of her own.
I suppose it may be possible that Sarah don’t know that if Mrs. Obama had only accomplished what Sarah has accomplished in her own self development; she could never have had any of what Sarah has had. Yes, I accept that Sarah could be that purposefully dumb. But, do any of you believe that Mrs. Obama could have had any chance, as an unqualified Black woman, of getting one of the jobs that Sarah, an unqualified White woman, has had -- Mayor of Wasilla, Governor of Alaska, and Vice Presidential Candidate of major political party, with or without affirmative action?
No, you don’t and, on second thought, neither does Sarah. She ain’t that damn dumb.  She knows better, down in her heart of hearts, and that’s why she so damn mad. She can’t stand what she sees when she imagines herself occupying the White House and compares herself side by side to its current First Female occupant.   
But, don’t ya’ll think its Michelle, not Sarah, who ought to be the one who’s mad.

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