Hyprocrisy Abounds

Please help to make John Boehner shut up and sit down. Who elected this guy to represent them? If ever there were an argument to change the Electoral College; then he is it. If Ohio is sending this guy; then I think we need to give Ohioans a little less say so. This guy won his election in Ohio. Apparently, he's won over and over.

Are the people really as easy to fool as Boehner thinks? Did you see him "blasting" the Democrats for all their job killing ways. He was there claiming he and his party were the only saviors. He didn't mention a word about the complete destruction of the economy and the hemorrhaging of jobs under Bush and his boys. He figures most Americans are too dumb and lazy to figure that out or remember something that happened a couple of years ago.

You know something, I'm really afraid he may be right. I know this country is still fill of all the same fools who voted for George W. Bush twice. You should know who they are; but in case you don't, please see the CNN Poll on the posted link. Click on the picture with the flag wavers. Here's a highlight:

(From CNN Poll & Article)
According to the poll:
      "Blue-collar whites are also a particular problem for Democrats. Among
      white voters who describe their family as "white collar," the two parties
      are essentially tied. But more than seven out of ten whites who describe
      themselves as "blue collar" are planning to vote Republican in November,"
Those were the same 7 out of 10 that would have given us V. P. Sarah Palin. They claim it's the economy - stupid. Maybe it is; but it is also so much more.

S. Danielle Out
See Full Article and Poll at: www.cnn.com/linkto/ticker.html?hpt=T2

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