Conservative argues for Identity Politics & The Kneecapping of Barack Obama

Today I read the author of Right Wing News 6 Reasons Why Conservatives Should "Play" Identity Politics in their "Townhall" e-zine. Yes, I found both the blog (which proudly exclaims" "kneecapping Barack Obama at Every Opportunity) & ezine, repugnant. Still, I read a few items in both because I figure you need to know what your enemy is thinking and plotting against you. And, friends, they are plotting.

I love how right-wingers always coin a phrase, accuse the other guy of maleviolence and feign self-rightous indignation. Their coinage and usage of the phrase "Identity Politics" is a perfect example of how this works. Oh, they whine, it is so unfair that so-called minorities view them as racist or bigots. Oh, they sigh in fabricated frustration, it is so unfair how minorities and left-wingers wrongly accuse them of every "ism" under the sun. The article encourages conservatives to "start" playing the "Identity Politics" game too (i.e.: the plot). Listening to the writer you would think there was and is no such thing as a Southern Strategy and that Republicans and conservatives didn't invent the whole concept of  so-called "Identity Politics." Maybe they just don't consider it identity politics when it's aim is to appeal to angry white voters. It's too damn bad no one is out there writing articles encouraging conservatuves to abandon all their dearly beheld "isms" and open their narrow minds. But, if they fear what they call "Identity Politics" as much as they seem to based on the amount of time and money they're willing to spend to disparage it; then I say come on everybody and let's develop this "Identity Politics" strategy to the nth degree. Whose with me?              AND

I also need to mention that I just love how "The Kneecapping of Barack Obama" is openly professed on the Right Wing News blog. Let's face it, this has been the Republican strategy since January 21st, 2009. They've shamelessly practiced it. They didn't care that kneecapping Barack Obama also meant kneecapping the vast majority of Americans. Babies, we were all just a bit of collateral damage. They did what they did purposefully and with malice aforethought and it included sabotaging any economic recovery. The Republicans did all of this so they could regain power and continue to benefit the few over the many. Right now they're holding any economic recovery hostage with the help of their corporate friends because they intend to blackmail the vast majortiy of Americans to be content with the crumbs that trickle down or risk losing even the crumbs by demanding at least a slice. Socialism they scream.

Now the only question is: Are you going to let them get away with this shit?

Sdanielle Out

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