The Budget, how about this fix

Anyway, about the budget, the deficit and what we need to do to fix it. Well, in America you are right if you hate poor people and the needy and blame their plight on their own lazy asses. You are wrong if you blame rich people or the greedy and fail to appreciate that the rich are rich because of their merit and unique specialness. Never would one be caught in the thought "there but for the grace of God go I."

Okay, that leaves the rest of us here in the ditch. 'Us' being the majority of the American population who are apparently without merit, and therefore, the riches that make us too big to fail or too powerful to tax. The budget for anything for poor people and almost anything for the middle class will be subject to as much cutting as possible. Well, save that amount that would deprive any rich people of any significant source of wealth from the consumer goods and services they so graciously provide and profit from when they make and sell them to the rest of us burdensome, lazy people at, apparently, the government's expense. Also, any portion of the budget deficit that a tax on the richest of the rich would reduce; will not be reduced because no such tax will be charged or collected. The minions of merit will not allow it. In fact, any effort to collect will "force" the rich-by-merit to further assault the middle-class by reducing the numbers they will allow to serve them on their industrial plantations and thereby increase the numbers of these less than meritorious citizens on the under and unemployment lines.    It looks like we're trapped, but what about this.

They've been harping on Medicare and Social Security breaking the bank (not to mention the pensions of non-elected public employees) and saying they need to raise the retirement age. They haven't set a number but seem to have actuaries figuring out the age by which most of us will be dead as we speak. They say it's all because there are too many old people and not enough young ones and there will only be 3 workers for every 1 retiree any day now - 3 when we need 30! Well, I think a solution is staring us right in the face.

The wholesale embrace of all illegal aliens, I mean undocumented workers, in the United States already with a deal that they pay a certain amount of taxes to qualify for status as legal immigrants over a future period (say a 15, 20 or 30 year work life) and from whatever date they arrived in the United States (well 7 years back as we don't want to be unreasonable). They too will be eligible to get benefits; but only after putting in a certain minimum number of quarters added onto the number already required of legal immigrants. (You know, enough to make sure they die before they can collect as originally intended for all). We should and could then also require that they disclose the companies they worked for and have their bosses pay back payroll taxes into the pool. Many of the undocumented immigrants are children and many of the families are larger than the average American family. The families, and eventually their children, will greatly expand the number of legal, tax paying workers in the workforce and could be a gold mine for the budget. It seems to me that we could get back to the 30 to 1 ratio within 15 years if we include all the able bodies already here. I mean isn't the 3 to 1 versus 30 to 1 problem solved with this plan well before we run out of money?

So, we cure rather than kill two birds with one stone - Immigration Reform and the Budget Deficit. What do you think about it?

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