Pondering Polls for President Obama: Great Expectations or the Black Tax

 October 11-13, 2010 Gallup Daily Tracking Poll showed President Obama with a 45% job approval versus a 47% disapproval rating. One year earlier the poll showed the President with a 52% job approval versus a 39% disapproval rating. The numbers haven’t quite flipped; but they’re on that slope. In October 2009 the poll showed a 56% favorability rating for Obama and noted his favorability was down 22 points from a high of 78% in January. By July, 2010 the poll had his favorability rating at 52% versus 44% unfavorable and by October, 2010, a CBS News Poll had him at a 42% favorable versus a 39% unfavorable rating.
 What happened? How did Obama fall into such disfavor?  Was it really Healthcare Reform or stopping the meltdown of the financial industry or failing to win friends and influence people in the Republican Caucus? Was it because he didn’t live up to being the Great Black Hope he promised to be or always pay the Black Tax (i.e.: 110%)? Or was it months and months of the thunder and theatre of the Sarah Palin (and her progeny) led Tea Party rallies and the Birther movement.
 Or, maybe it was (and is) because “It’s the economy – stupid.” But, then, that wouldn’t explain the resurgence of support for the Republicans. It isn’t possible that memories of American’s are so short that they’ve already forgotten and forgiven the Republican sponsored Great Crash II. If it’s the economy; then the Republicans ought to be out of favor and office for a generation or forget about the economy and just call Americans - STUPID. 
I think the real cause of the Republican threatened resurgence is all the Americans who say, “I need a job” and “I’m willing to let the Republicans blackmail me into giving them my vote in exchange for them telling their rich friends who control all the jobs and the money to loosen their purse strings, put a little cash into the economy and “create” a few jobs for their modern slaves.” Well, if that’s what you want; then you should go right ahead and vote Republican and continue to work as a modern slave, at least until they take your next job away. I hope that someday you will come to see that they will take your next job away as soon as they find a cheaper modern slave or build a better machine. I hope that you will come to learn that in the archaic philosophy of the Republican Party and the old economy you will always have to put profits ahead of people and that this flawed philosophy is incompatible with the new economy. Sadly, you’re far more likely to fall victim to Republican masterful misdirection and focus your anger and frustration on some designated scapegoat.
 Of course, I really hope that you see there is a better way and refuse to go backwards and continue to move forward. I hope you will continue to (or start) supporting the Democrats and help to move them to make real compassionate “Change You Can Believe In;”change that is constructive, realistic, inclusive and compatible with the new economy and a new millennium society.
If you’re tired of being a modern slave and ready to join the new economy; then send me an e-mail. Listen to the show Friday,October 15, 2010 at 5 p.m. at www.allblackradio.com and FM 90.3 in Brooklyn/New York. Add your comment to this blog. If you have a new economy opportunity to offer; list it here.
S. Danielle Out

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