Dancing with The Stars, Bristol Palin & the Members of the Pregnancy Pact

How did Bristol Palin get to be the unwed, teenage mother "star" for Dancing with the Stars? I think the members of the original 'Pregnancy Pact' of Gloucester, Massachusetts earned the right to the title of Unwed, Teenage Mother Star over Bristol. Surely, it's one of them who should be twisting and twirling around that stage for the number 1 show in America. Picking Bristol Palin because Sarah's her mother just ain't fair. Ain't nobody doing no movie about Bristol. She ain't have no original idea about a 'Pregnancy Pact' to get pregnant on purpose like those plucky pregnant Gloucester girls. All Bristol did was accidentally get knocked up. That's old and tired. It's been going on for centuries. But wow, that 'Pregnancy Pact,' now that was a truly bold and original idea. I say, if we gonna recognize getting pregnant while an unmarried teenager in high school as a "talent" worthy of making you a "star;" then let's, at least, make it a "talent" only if you can be bold and original about it -- and inspire a movie.

sdanielle Out

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